Motorised Gearbox / Extruder Gearbox

Motorised Gearbox

Hollow input/ motorised worm reduction gearbox combining features of “O” and “V” type gearboxes in a single unit. Built-in motor flange adapters and are suitable for all flange mounted motors (B5) or face mounted (B14) electric motors with footings for different mounting arrangements.

Range: 30 mm to 230 mm center distance.
Ratio: 5:1 to 70:1
Output Shafts: Horizontal or vertical position.

Extruder Gearbox

Eliminates separate thrust block. Out put shaft hollow reduces space and gives alignment accuracy. Water cooling arrangement can be provided.

Range: Up to 55Kw. Center distance between Input & output shaft 150 mm to 310 mm.
Ratio: 15:1, 10:1,6:1 (Special ratios can also be supplied)

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